UzTEA is a Teachers' Association providing professional development for teachers,

    by teachers, in the form of conferences, workshops and other events.



The activity of the Association of Teachers of the English language of Uzbekistan was founded in 1996 with the aim of ensuring the quality of teaching in English in accordance with international requirements.

Currently, the association has created a model of personnel training based on the law "On Education", the National Training Program and the requirements of the State Committee for Foreign Languages PCM No. 124 of May 08, 2013, and since February 18, 2017, the organization has received the status of the Association of Teachers of Uzbekistan.

Our Mission

UzTEA has succeeded in creating a professional network and brought together English language teachers from all over the country, and now it's time to develop professionally. One of the incentives to encourage teachers to self-motivation is a Prize specially organized for English language teachers. The government award “The Best Teacher of the Year”was also established. Unlike all the “Best Teacher” awards, the UzTEA award will be awarded not only to teachers of public schools, but also to all levels of the education system corresponding to the CEFR levels, starting from A1 to C1 and from the public sector to higher education. It is still unfair to compare and allow a preschool teacher to compete with a university-level English teacher for only 1 award.

Last year, UzTEA volunteered to teach English in rural schools for two weeks and reached more than 1000 students, where young ELT specialists, winners of various UzTEA competitions for teachers, shared their knowledge and innovative methods of teaching English with their colleagues and ignited the love of teaching and learning English in every person involved

The annual UzTEA conferences are designed to provide a unique opportunity to meet with leading trainers, theorists and writers and exchange ideas with professional colleagues from all sectors of teaching and learning English. It also helps amateur ELT teachers to establish contacts with those who have many years of experience behind them. This gives them a new opportunity for self-reflection, creating an open stage for learning from professionals and national and international ELT experts. Every year, numerous professional events are held at the local and national levels, offering teachers and other ELT professionals opportunities to learn, share and communicate. However, this year, supporting continued teaching and learning is more critical than ever due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

For ELT specialists, this period is quite difficult and transformative, since there is no easily accessible manual that could give appropriate answers. The overall goal of UzTEA is to promote seminars and trainings on continuous professional development as an adaptive response to emerging problems in the field of education and to protect the educational opportunities of young people during and after the pandemic.

Our Projects

1.Palace of Youth Creativity.

The purpose of the event is to familiarize participants with modern methods of education in the Republic of Uzbekistan and foreign countries and exchange experience between them, as well as to assist young people and the general population in choosing educational institutions in their specialties.

2. Teacher's Development Project

In the project with Teacher's Development Project(Continuous improvement of pedagogical competencies of teachers)- it is focused on the preparation of a perfect teacher, an examiner at the international level, a creator of students, students and materials for exams in accordance with international requirements.

3.Young Leaders' Development Project .

In the project with the youth Young Leaders' Development Project (Continuous improvement of leadership)- more than 5,000 thousand participants from all over the republic participate and they regularly participate in the following projects



MAHORAT & MANAGEMENT is a non-governmental educational organization (Mahorat & Management) that has been operating since 2015 in the field of adults’ training, ensuring the quality of education and introducing international standards into uzbek the educational process, including the introduction of advanced forms of training and retraining using information technologies, improving curricula and materials based on the widespread use of modern pedagogical technologies and teaching methods.

Non-governmental educational organization “Mahorat & Management” actively cooperates with state and non-state educational institutions and implements short and long term joint educational projects. It joins more than 20 experts nationwide, also 2-3 international experts which means it has capacity to act nationwide.


Les Kirkham.

Has worked in English language education as a teacher and manager for about 40 years, mainly at the tertiary level, in Europe, Africa and the Arab world. He has recently given consultancy, training and conference presentations in Estonia, Azerbaijan, Australia, China, Switzerland, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Lebanon, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Iraq, and Oman.He was active on the Executive Council of TESOL Arabia from 1997 to 2014 and was Co-Chair of the 2009, 2013 and 2014 TESOL Arabia International Conferences in Dubai.

Dr.Basiyr Rodney.

Academic employment:
- Chair, Department of Teacher Education, Webster University, (2018 – Present) ;
- Associate Professor Educational Technology, Webster University, (2012 – Present);
- Assistant Professor Educational Technology, Webster University, (2008 – 2012);
- Visiting Professor Educational Technology, Webster University, (2007 – 2008);
- Visiting Professor: Instructional Technology, Florida Atlantic University (2005 – 2006);

Vladimir Jikhar.

Work Experience:
-Co-founder, ProBizSteps.com (Training, Consulting & Coaching Services);
-Founder, Tashkent Business Club (1000 members);
-Freelancer, Management Consultant, Multiple Companies;
-Consultant, Partnership for Academic Development;
-Interpreter, SUV-RIN Joint Venture;;
-Assistant to the President, Trans World Leisure Company



The symbol of the Association of Teachers of the English Language of Uzbekistan symbolizes "UzTEA". The symbol has a globe that is rounded with a ribbon and below it is an abbreviated name and the full name of the association. At the bottom of the symbol is the motto of the association "By Teachers for Teachers", - " Accounting for Students-Accounting for Teachers” On the colored form, the globe symbols are in blue. The ribbon, the abbreviated name and the full name of the association in dark blue. The motto of the association "By Teachers for Teachers"is" Accounting for Teachers", also in dark blue.

The blue color is a symbol of peace and kindness of the association of accountants of the English language of Uzbekistan, which calls on all accountants to support each other and develop together. The main purpose of the activity of the association is the accounting of the English language, which serve the globalization of education and science.