Fetching coffee in a single bound. Working tirelessly into the wee hours of the night. Coming to the rescue of colleagues in distress. A Super Intern’s job is never done. As you dash around the office, never forget you’re under the microscope—being watched, judged, dissected. Although there are never any guarantees you’ll snag a full-time offer, even if you perform up to task, there are some superhero maneuvers that will help you soar from intern to employee faster than your boss can say  “Planet Krypton.”  


Be on Time

It sounds simple, but punctuality speaks volumes about your professionalism.

Stay Positive

No one wants to work with a grouch. “The three most important attributes in getting or keeping a job are attitude, attitude, attitude,” says Don Sutaria, founder and president of Career Quest. If you maintain a can-do, positive attitude during your internship tenure, you’ll be someone co-workers actually want to be around full time.

Be Modest

Don’t thrust yourself in front of managers every time you do something right. Your superiors will be watching, so there’s no need for you to point out your every accomplishment.

Go to Lunch

Once you start becoming friendly with the other full-timers, ask them to go to lunch, one-on-one. Ask how they got their current positions. They may reveal insight about what the company looks for in candidates, interview tips, and more.

Act Like A Full-timer

Never think like a temp. Introduce yourself to as many people as possible and don’t blow off an assignment you think you won’t finish before your summer stint ends. If you have any interest in getting hired full-time, act like you’re in it for the long haul.

Zip It!

Don’t complain—about the company, your assignments, the cafeteria food—even to other interns. A positive outlook could make or break you in management’s eyes.

Be In the Know

Show an interest in the company and learn as much as you can about the organization. Read related magazines to gain even more knowledge in your working sphere.

Ask Questions…To The Right People

You might have a 3.9 GPA, but you still don’t know it all—and, guess what? You aren’t expected to. Most managers would rather answer 20 questions when you get the assignment than have to fill in holes after you turn it in. If you don’t understand how to go about an assignment, ask your supervisor for clarification and what resources are available to you. Just be smart about whom you seek answers from and when.

Speak Up

It’s pretty safe to assume that most employers know you’d love to get an offer for a full-time job when the internship ends. But don’t take that fact for granted. “As soon as you decide you love the company and those you’re working with, make sure everyone knows you want to come back after graduation as a full-timer”. That includes your boss, coworkers, and the support staffers—who often have the ear of the big guns.

Stay in Touch

There’s another reason to stay in touch with your internship supervisor: Even if she/he didn’t offer you a job, staying fresh in her mind will ensure you have a good reference when you start interviewing elsewhere.



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