Welcome to UzTEA

With over 5,000 members UzTEA (Uzbekistan Teachers of English Association) is one of the most thriving communities of ELT teachers in Uzbekistan nowadays. UzTEA was established in 1996, in order to link ELT professionals around the country, support ELT activities at a regional, national and international level, to create and maintain contacts with language teaching associations around the world and to co-operate with them in the field of education. UzTEA has branches all over Uzbekistan and official member of IATEFL – International Association of Teachers of English as Foreign Languages.

As our mission is “Linking, developing and supporting English Language Teaching professionals”.  Uzbekistan Teachers of English Association aimed;

- promote and encourage cooperation and exchange among teachers of English language, literature, and linguistics, and others engaged in those activities, and to promote academic work and foster research and study in this field;

- promote the exchange of ideas, information, and experience relevant to the concerns of its members through meetings, educational seminars, publications, correspondence, and other such activities;

- encourage the development and dissemination of superior methods of teaching English language, linguistics, and literature, and to aid in the attainment of increased teaching expertise, broad competence, intellectual depth, and overall professional excellence;

- publish the newsletter of the Association, and other materials. Especially, to keep updated regional, national, and international developments in the fields, mentioned above and related areas.

 To reach our goals and make our promises happen in real life UzTEA regularly;

-Organizes trainings for teachers of English of Public Education, Higher and Secondary Special Education on Fridays;

-Arranges grants, distant learning programs, contests, awards and webinars for teachers of English in corporation with Governmental educational organizations and international partner organizations;

-Hosts International/Republican Conferences every year.

-Takes an active part in educational reforms being done by the government.

-Helps members publishing their books, magazines and other methodological materials/articles, like ALT FL magazine, Erkatoy magazine

-Supports its youth line program (Young Leaders Development Project) on organizing Annual Republican Essay Contest, International Youth Summit, Public Speaking Contest, Leaders’ talks and workshops, which attracts over 5,000 youth around Uzbekistan.

-Links with Teachers' Associations in other countries for teachers to share knowledge and experience.

-Assists in helping new groups to establish their own a local Teachers' Association, including advice on how they can make the most of support and funding benefits.

-Provides ELT professional with national and international scholarships, grants.   

To witness all other opportunities given by UzTEA



“Mastering a foreign language is one of the keys to access the new period of globalization in education, science, economy, politics, and social life.  Education is becoming global and both learners and teachers are now able to pursue their further education and academic careers throughout the world.”

All these changes have brought the international world of educators together and they are creating global programs which are comparable from one country to another. UzTEA is also one independent platform for all teachers of English and youth who are learning foreign languages. UzTEA is growing and flourishing by your great support and your moral support.  Year by year its activities are covering almost all spheres of education. Undoubtly, it seems we are becoming as Uzbekistan Teachers Association by your efforts!  This teachers’ association has been uniting many teachers in this country and abroad, including over 100 associations of English Teachers in IATEFL and English teachers in our sister organization TESOL Arabia. It is important to note that 20 years’ experience of us making most teachers’ dreams coming true.

We can say proudly that UzTEA has achieved a lot during these past year. Such as;

- Being part of governmental education reforms on learning, teaching, and assessment by having signed MOUs with The Ministry of Higher and Secondary Vocational Education, the State Testing Center of Uzbekistan. and the European Technical Foundation in Europe.

- Establishing youth line named Young Leaders Development Project which is now managed to gather more than 5000 members, talented youth from all around Uzbekistan, holding more than 2000 educational events since 2014.

- Starting a new web site which we are planning, developing and hope to cover on-line registration for all participants with information to know where to go and what to do, uploading all necessary tool for teachers, students and parents;

- Bringing together more than 40,000 English Teachers in Uzbekistan into one family to support and develop each other by organizing workshops, seminars and conferences, and by taking part in governmental reforms as well.

By using this chance let me thank the all our supporters, partners, volunteers and members as well! I encourage everyone to join our friendly family– if you have colleagues tell them about UzTEA and invite them too.

Welcome to the UzTEA family. 

Dr.Feruza Rashidova Musaevna