Internship Opportunity

The UzTEA Internship Program offers candidates an opportunity to gain professional work experience and improve career opportunities in almost all academic fields. It is aimed at candidates seeking work experience / internship positions in Uzbekistan. An internship is a great way to gain exposure into the professional work environment and develop professional workplace skills. All placements are non-paid training positions. The UzTEA Internship Program will give candidates recommendations to Uzbekistan’s leading organizations.

If you want to be an intern of UzTEA and contribute to its and your own development, you are always welcome! Being an intern of UzTEA is open for everyone, mostly, students or teachers of the universities, colleges, and lyceums can be interns. After being an intern of UzTEA you will be given different tasks, duties and of course many opportunities and privileges. If you be a Super Intern you will be well paid as well, that is all according to your capacity for work. Read the hint of becoming Super Intern!

Internship lengths vary depending on candidates and their objectives or academic requirements. The minimum length is 6 weeks and maximum length is 24 weeks.


Candidates can choose from any of the following positions;

Association Secretary;

UzTEA branches Coordinator;

UzTEA projects Coordinator;

UzTEA conferences Coordinator;

UzTEA coordinator for implementing international experience of ELT in educational institutions;

UzTEA PR manager;

UzTEA Members Coordinator;

UzTEA Youth Coordinator; 



1. Online application
Complete the online form and submit it. Online application

2. Confirmation
Get confirmation of your application within 1 week and be ready for interview.

3 .Interview
We will have an interview with you if your application meets our expectations. Our managers will contact you to inform the date.

4. Program Participation
Congratulations! You are about to embark on an incredible journey. You will have an orientation 1 week. Once you begin your internship we will be asking for your continued feedback and continue to provide you with support.



-Resume internationalisation

-Develop workplace English skills

-Form alliances with international companies

-Gain recognition within chosen profession

-Improve career opportunities

-Develop an appreciation of the work ethic and labour procedures

-Meet teachers of English around Uzbekistan

-Attend international/national conferences

-Recommendation letter and many others




In order to be eligible for the UzTEA Internship Program candidates must meet the following requirements:

-Aged 18-30

-The internship field requested is directly related to your educational background

-Upper intermediate – advanced Uzbek, English and Russian language skills



September 01, 2016 (First Term)

January 10, 2017 (Second Term)


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