The main goal of UzTEA is to improve the quality of foreign language learning through the introduction of advanced methods of communicative learning, teaching and assessment of foreign languages, especially English, in the education system as a result of systematic trainings. To this end, the Association actively organizes the following events throughout the year:
- trainings once a week;
- regular trainings with the participation of international experts;
- weekly training of young leaders (within the framework of the YLDP project);
- international conference twice a year;
- an annual international summit of young leaders in English. The last summit was attended by about 68 representatives from various foreign countries.

1. Palace of Youth Creativity.

The purpose of the event is to familiarize participants with modern methods of education in the Republic of Uzbekistan and foreign countries and exchange experience between them,

Within the framework of the conference, fairs of educational services in the English language of private educational institutions are planned to support events held by the association to improve the intellectual potential of young people. During the preparation process, proposals were received from representatives of European, Euro-Asian educational institutions, including representatives of the international exams IELTS, CEFR, TOEFL, TOEIC, SAT, Cambridge Englsh Exams and other local private schools and kindergartens who want to participate in the event, expand cooperation, exchange experience and promote equal partnership between educational institutions in the field of English in Uzbekistan.

In this regard, the Association of English Language Teachers of Uzbekistan asks for your assistance in informing managers, employees, methodologists, teachers, examiners to actively participate in this event, in order to enrich personal professional skills and awareness on the above-mentioned.

2. Teacher's Development Project

In the project with teachers 'Teacher's Development Project(Continuous improvement of pedagogical competencies of teachers)'- it is focused on the preparation of a perfect teacher, an examiner at the international level, a creator of students, students and materials for exams in accordance with international requirements. This project will allow an ordinary teacher to motivate to be a national expert of international level, it contains 16 modules and four qualification frameworks. At the end of each module, the participant receives a certificate of achievement of a certain level, which will allow him to continue his career within the framework of the association's projects. At the moment, 3,000 teachers are participating in the project, 120 of whom have reached the fourth model of the first level. Teachers who have completed the first level can provide a guarantee of the quality of studying, teaching and evaluating the level of language acquisition in accordance with the requirements of the State University of the corresponding level of education in which they work.

It is proposed to create a working group consisting of deputies and senators to combine the above-mentioned projects into one for studying, amending, and making appropriate changes to legislative acts in order to organize an objective assessment system in the system of continuing education.

Expected result: the growth of the country's human resources potential in all areas in business, science, technology, technology in accordance with the Uzbek model, meeting all parameters of international requirements.

3.Young Leaders' Development Project .

In the project with the youth Young Leaders' Development Project (Continuous improvement of leadership)- more than 5,000 thousand participants from all over the republic participate and they regularly participate in the following projects:
•The best reader.
•The best speaker.
•The best essay.
•Intellectual summer camp.
•Meeting with leading leaders.
•Foreign, aimed at the specialty is focused on the implementation of the best projects in the field of business and science and technology, other various intellectual clubs, based on interest and compliance with the goals and objectives of the association for youth initiatives or partner organizations.