The Young Leaders Development Project (YLDP) – Its Mission and Objectives

YLDPYoung Leaders Development Project (YLDP) is a youth project that aims at supporting young people of Uzbekistan to develop their leadership and interpersonal skills and community involvement. It is established under Uzbekistan Teachers of English Association (UzTEA). Gathering enthusiastic, active and initiative students, this project has started its activity from February 2014. What makes it different from other youth projects? Promoting the English language learning among students, this project runs its activity in English, meaning that all events and activities are organized through the English medium. YLDP cooperates with ministries of education and different educational institutions in Tashkent. It also has international partners, such as U.S. Embassy in Tashkent, British Council Uzbekistan, UNDP and British School of Tashkent.
‘Since our establishment, we have implemented many ideas and organized cultural events and trainings’, — Saidaziz Azamov, YLDP activist says. ‘Our aim is to have a community of active youth with fluent English where everybody enjoys developing their personality and enhancing their knowledge and skills.

Here are 4 facts about YLDP.

1. Resource and Training Center in Tashkent has been established in the University of World Economy and Diplomacy and it is open for all members. There are more than 1,000 books, including fiction, nonfiction, academic materials, IELTS, TOEFL and other exams prep materials and audio-books. Some of the books were donated by the U.S. Embassy in Tashkent. At the moment, more than 600 people are registered as members of this cozy library. According to resource centre staff, around 30 people visit this place every day. Training centre schedule is very rich containing different clubs, training sessions, and workshops by specialists, experts from all over Uzbekistan and from international partner organizations.

2. The First Countrywide Essay Contest in English to promote patriotism, creativity and to support young talents was organized twice a year already. The first Essay Contest took place in spring 2014, receiving more than 100 submissions all around Uzbekistan. The contest winners were awarded an opportunity to enjoy week-long writing course by experienced specialists. The second Essay Contest motivated over 200 participants to submit their essays.

3. A very informative conversation club ‘Leaders Talk’ was established to inspire young people to become successful leaders in the future and to let participants acquire necessary information, knowledge, imagination and skills to do so. ‘Leaders Talk’ is a club where participants have conversations with community leaders, highly successful specialists, celebrities, sport stars and policy makers who speak English fluently.

4. Opportunity to start a career of a manager is given to all interested who have passed the application and interview processes successfully and started their internships at Young Leaders Development Project in March 2015. Six-month Internship Programme by YLDP focuses on training active young people to become good leaders and to equip them with necessary knowledge and abilities they will need in their future careers.

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