Republican Scientific-Practical Centre of Developing the Innovational Methods for Teaching Foreign Languages

State University of World Languages

Dr. Abbos Iriskulov

Republican Scientific-Practical Centre of Developing the Innovational Methods for Teaching Foreign Languages under the State University of World Languages was founded in 2013. The new reforms in foreign language teaching have brought major changes to the educational approach used in Uzbekistan. Particularly, the changes have taken place in the way how the progress of students’ achievements is viewed. Thus, it is important to revisit National Standards in order to calibrate curricula with specific focus to material development, to run trainer and teacher training projects and to develop the National Assessment system. The Center was established to achieve these objectives. The Centre works in partnership with all Ministries of Continuous Education in the country.
“Although there are three: primary, secondary and tertiary stages in educational system of Uzbekistan there was no manager for monitoring the teaching foreign languages in the country. Therefore, the Innovation Centre operates with the most important task to coordinate efficiency of FLT in all three stages of Education in the country. The second task of our institution is to design state educational standards on foreign languages taking into account Common European Framework of Reference and using the reconsidered standards we propose the course books for continuous education on the basis of CEFR.” – states Dr. Iriskulov Abbos Tursunovich
There are nine departments all dealing with different areas. The Department of Scientific Research on Introduction of Contemporary Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages and Studying of International Experience, Department of creating and implementing interactive education tools and organizing distance learning of foreign languages, Group of media educational production development, Group of organizing methodological activities in the academic lyceums and colleges and Group of testing and certification.
The Centre is open to support all people who are involved in improvement of foreign language teaching and learning system, no matter if they are teachers or students. Everybody is welcome to join and upgrade their knowledge. We invite young researchers and educators to visit our annual national and international conferences which are run several times throughout the year.
There are things to be proud about. The specialists of the Centre, in collaboration with experts of the Ministry of Public Education developed a number of teaching and learning materials and resources for different levels of learners. At the moment even more text books that will include the multimedia resourcesare being produced and will soon reach their readers. The curriculum and programme for training and re-training of EFL teachers according to the new requirements were prepared together with the specialists from the State University of World Languages. A practical guide on methodology of teaching beginners was developed recently. It has already been published and delivered to the teachers in the distant areas of our country. Trainings for college and lyceum teachers were held by the specialists of the Centre.

There is a lot that has been done and there is much more that needs to be done. This is a challenge that keeps the center going!

Taken from ALT FL №1 2015

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