TFT degree training course

Dear UzTEA members and honourable participants of TFT degree training course!

You have already been aware that upon finishing this level you will open one very close door to the next step called TDT. In this stage, you are easily able to get promotion and work in high-performance employment sectors like IDP, DTM and even national Olympic committee as an expert examiner!
Doesn’t it seem fascinating?
In order to do this one step forward, you need to fill in the Google form below which takes a modest amount of time. With this, you are able to keep your membership with UzTEA too!
One point to bear in mind is that this form comes with a strict deadline which  has no tolerance for late filers
The deadline for you to fill in the form is July the first, 2018!
We wish you a high career and good luck with your training sessions!
Here is the link