TDT- training session on 20 th April

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Our next training session is TDT – Teacher Development Test. Teacher development Test is a certificate program that assesses the core skills that teachers need to fulfil their professional role in educational establishments, rather than the subject knowledge required for teaching. The program is intended for teachers interested in getting more insight into applied linguistics and it offers a range of professional development training sessions and workshops that have been carefully organized to support primary, secondary and higher education teachers to effectively integrate the teaching of core skills in the classroom. The program package includes 4 phases of certification and is mainly aimed at teachers with some experience under their belt.
“If you’re an in-service teacher focusing on refreshing and upgrading your skills and expertise, this program will assist you develop through intensive trainings and interaction with UzTEA expert team”.

Date: April 20-24
Place: Tashkent
Topic: “Listening & Speaking Materials for Teaching and Assessment”
Trainer: Les Kirkham, Sandra, Farhad Kadirov and Feruza Rashidova

✔️ 3 years of teaching
✔️ Having interest in developing personally or professionally
✔️ Having B2 level of English
✔️ Having TFT (one of 1,2,3,4) certificate
✔️ Candidates with IELTS and CELTS certificates will be given preference

1st day Training TDT
2nd day Training TDT
3rd day Training TDT
4th day – Conference+Final of Essay contest+Awarding