Aziz Nishanov

Well, first we went there toghether with such brilliant leaders and my good friends Mirjalol Mirsabitov, Saidaziz A’zamov and Ulugbek Shukurillaev. There was no any platform at the very beginning, but we tried to do our best to organize brand new conferences, contests amoung other young people of Uzbekistan, and lots of other stuff coordinated and inspired by very fluent people in the lives of many young guys Mr. Bahrom aka Khalikov and Dr. Feruza Rashidova.

Actually, if to remember all of them it would take too much time to count them, and that’s why I will mention three of them that I like most: Intenational Youth Summits, Summer and Winter Camps, Essay Contests.

YLDP is a highly appreciated project by each person who once came to find it, and the same is for me. YLDP taught me to lots of things, and one of them is to broaden your limits (that do not exist actually). That’s why those ideas I had in my mind became from ideas to reality.

It is the only place where you are not said what to do, not pushed to do something, but it’s a place, a project that accepts your inner wishes and gives an oppurtunity to realize them. P.S. and of course people are unique here.

I would definitely suggest to my younger brothers and sisters to come and join YLDP to see what it is, and what it consists of, because once you meet such amazing, inspiring people you will be full of other ideas to realize as well. I would say a couple of words to senior guys of YLDP: “During organisation everything is to be planned beforehand. When something doesn’t work, we always have to have a plan B because we are all in boat, and once we have a hole in the boat we must take responsibility to find something that fixes it in order not to take the whole boat under the water.” I am more than sure that our guys do so, and I wish great of luck to all of us, to the whole YLDP family.