Davlat Bekmuratov

My first steps to the Young Leaders Development Project (YLDP) under Uzbekistan Teachers of English Association were earlier than I thought they were. After graduation from the university in 2015, when I began to operate in the way of the country’s prosperity, a profound interest to try myself in a different direction in an international environment engendered in me. Then I set to search. My searches brought me to the YLDP along with the other international organizations. The opportunities of the Project attracted me, and the local and international creative projects that the Project’s team was carrying out attracted me. At that time, hire of interns for participation in the projects was announced. It was an excellent opportunity to accomplish my plans. I immediately prepared the documents upon request and sent online, and passed this stage. The next stage, which was an interview with the representatives of the Project, was successful for me. I consider these all my initial steps to the YLDP.

I am delighted to have witnessed interesting, diverse and extensive projects of the YLDP. The list of the projects looks as follows:

– We Chat;

– Leaders Talk;

– Summer School 2016 and 2017;

– Public Speaking Contest 2016 and 2017;

– Debate Contest 2017;

– Back to Reality;

– Plov for Love;

– International Youth Summit 2017 and 2018;

– Winter Camp 2018;

By the by, you probably noticed that I had not confined myself to partaking in the activities once. It is because they are engaging.

Speaking of the role of the YLDP in my accomplishments, I can say that the contributions of the YLDP are significant in this regard. I have attained a lot, thanks to the Project. With the help of the YLDP I have mastered my skills and gained new ones. They assist me to achieve my goals. It should be noted that the influence of the YLDP in my potential fulfilment was, is and will be pivotal.

Throughout my activity in the YLDP I many times have remarked the factors that distinguished YLDP from other organizations. For instance, I think the fact that the topics, which are discussed in the projects of the YLDP, are considerable nationally and internationally, and conducted totally in English is worth to note. This, in turn, broadens the outlook of the participants and increases the level of correct application of English. There is no such a wonderful thing as conversing with people with broad outlook, isn’t there?

The YLDP is a tool that will make a huge contribution to obtaining the key to the door of the opportunities that you wish to open. You will find answers to the questions you could not find on the Google in the Project. The YLDP is an excellent project for you to grow as a person and specialist. The YLDP is about making friends that have many in common with you. Seize the opportunity and do not miss it. The opportunities like these rarely arise.