Jasur Shukurov

I still remember it as if it were yesterday. My first step in our little community called YLDP was in 2015. I had applied to internship program, surprisingly I was accepted to the second generation interns. I was the youngest intern there and not looking to my young age they trusted me like everyone else. This is one of the reasons why I love YLDP.

Before becoming an intern at YLDP, I was an ordinary student. YLDP helped me a lot to reveal my potential and be active in the social sphere. Probably, I am one of those rare interns who took part in almost all YLDP projects.

Here, in Uzbekistan, there are various youth organizations, but none can be compared with YLDP. The unique aspects of YLDP are:

a) Fully English speaking zone. Why English zone? Because, first of all, it is Uzbekistan Teachers of English Association who is a father NGO for this project. Group of specialists in UzTEA decided to support youth initiatives, as leadership, learner autonomy and initiative are important factors of education development. Secondly, advanced youth of Uzbekistan are directly associated with fluency in foreign languages and it is honor for us to contribute to large scale governmental initiatives that kick started due to the Presidential Decree from December 2012 On Measures of Further Improvement of Foreign Languages Teaching System.

b) There is no budget. We do not have a fixed budget, like in Youth Union or other organizations. Interns are headhunters and sponsorship recruiters. They go above their limits to find out ways to fundraise the project. From my point of view, this is a very interesting process and at the same time a very useful skill in our developing country. During this process interns usually deal with variety of difficult tasks and issues, which teach them how to act in different situations. As a result, it will be a great contribution to their future life and work.

c) Everyone is equal. What does it mean? At YLDP we do not have such things as “I’m higher in position than you” or “This is not my task”. When it comes to projects, we are a single mechanism in which each element plays an important role.

Young Leaders Development Project is a hub of active youth of Uzbekistan where they engage, learn and develop their intellectual and social potential. Growing personally, making friends and carrying out socially significant youth projects. These are what constitutes your to-do list at YLDP.