Nodir Yusufov

I established the Students’ Union in Turin Polytechnic university in Tashkent, because when I was accepted to the university, I found out that there was no such organization which takes care of students’ life in the university. I was elected as the President of the union and needed some leadership and teamwork skills. I saw the registration link on Facebook to YLDP internship program. After reading the description, I just applied to this position and honestly, I didn’t expect to be accepted, since I did not have any special traits. However, when I came to the interview, they told me the phrase, which really encouraged me to work for YLDP: “You do not need to be professional, you will become professional with us”. So, I indeed made a lot of socially-active, open-minded, tolerance-oriented friends who are current role models for the youth society. I started my YLDP internship as PR manager and graphic designer. Step by step, I developed these skills along with event management, leadership, teamwork and public speaking skills.

I was a facilitator in YLDP Summer school 2016, which was the first of its kind, a summer school for English speaking academic lyceum/university students. Then, I took part in Plov for Love, Back to Reality, International Youth Summit 2017, YLDP anniversary and so on. Mostly I worked on the logo and design of those events and managing social media pages, but sometimes I also worked in the organizing team.

I do think that my YLDP experience is very vital in being who I am today. Because of this unique program, I empowered my personal skills, developed my English level, became a mature critical thinker. My record as a YLDP volunteer also helped me to win the Global UGRAD Scholarship to the US, and I am so thankful for being a part of this amazing family! It not only helped me to emerge my traits, but also gave me a chance to get to know my peers who share the same passion – to make our society better, every day.

In YLDP, you do not organize a project because you have to, or because it is your duty, no! You do it, because it gives you pleasure to work with amazing youth who are energetic and are as much enthusiastic as you are. YLDP never lets you down and says “No, you are not eligible to do this!”, but it encourages you to break your limits and go for impossible. YLDP is not just a group of people, it is a gang, where each hero has his/her own superpower and combining everyone’s skills you create wonders. This is how YLDP is different from any other youth organization!

As I mentioned above, in YLDP we do not consider our tasks as our duties, but we consider them something pleasant and after completing you feel so self-motivated. So, I would like to ask future generations of YLDP family to be enthusiastic, hard-working and multitasking. There will be times, especially before huge events, you might work at nights, not sleeping, those times you should be patient and kind to other members of the family. In YLDP we never discourage, so anyone, who wants to be a part of this friendly family, should be supportive all the time!