Saidaziz A’zamov

The YLDP firstly began with developing the resource center and the English speaking meeting sessions. I have come from the very beginning of its career. For the first time, I have been involved in organizing the essay contest, engaging trainers and communicating with people.

I participated in almost all projects before I go to work in a state-owned enterprise in 2016. In fact, participating in different projects of YLDP, organizing them, leaving the place for others, after you, is a good tradition. Until now, six generations that have grown up in this platform could be a good example.

YLDP played a vital role in my life.  I can say that it would be difficult for me to reach the current level if this project did not exist.

There are numbers of features of YLDP which can actually be worth to mention. But, from my point of view, YLDP is one of the unique organization that could possibly worked on many prestigious projects with zero budget and low cost and implanting the resolutions to the prosperity of our young children and our nation.

Any experience is important and necessary. It is possible to make mistakes in YLDP, it is a test site. Get started from here. I can assure you that your other colleagues will never be as young as you. YLDP is exception! Experience experiments from manager to coordinator. If you look different, you will not lose a lot. Dozens of YLDP generations succeed, adapt to their studies abroad, open their own businesses, and work productively at work. Is it by casual? I wouldn’t say so!