Sheroz Narzullayev

My first step to the YLDP was full of challenging things, new conditions, new people who surround me. And that time I told myself that I have to be ready for everything and I should be more adapted to the situations. All in all, it was pretty good for me, I gained many friends; I actually reached more than I expected.

I took place in many projects of YLDP, initiated there and contributed to the realization of them.

The role of YLDP in my achievements is very big. YLPD tought me how to be a leader, how to build a team and win the trust. I think these are key points for my future life. If you consider yourself as an extravert person, you are more than welcome, to join this project. YLDP really helps you how to become more sociable, more outgoing and friendly person.

YLDP is a platform where you will rich your goals that you wanted to achieve. Since, before going to any place, you set your priorities and you set your goals. That is why it’s completely up to you how you treat this project.

Undoubtedly, there are lots of many youth organizations and young where talented people can contribute into the prosperity of those movements. However, the only thing I want to recommend to my peers or upcoming generation is to become resilient, patient, resistant, adaptive, creative and most important thing here being self-initiative. Because this the platform, where you initiate projects and you lead them.