1. The participants (members) of the Association may be individuals, university students, as well as teams of teachers and students of other educational institutions.
  2. Foreign citizens and stateless persons on a par with citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan may be members of the Association.
  3. Membership in the Association is made in writing:
     individuals – based on the relevant individual application;
     Teachers ’teams and students of educational institutions – on the basis of an appropriate decision of a group of teachers and students of educational institutions.
    By decision of the Council, honorary membership in the Association may be established. An individual, as well as foreign citizens and stateless persons who have made a significant (one-time) contribution to the development of the Association can be honorary members of the Association.
  4. Members of the Association have equal rights and equal responsibilities.
  5. Each member of the Association has the right to:
    Participate in general meetings;
     elect and be elected to the governing and supervisory and auditing bodies of the Association, make proposals to any bodies of the Association on matters related to its activities;
    Participate free of charge in seminars, conferences and symposia held by the Association;
     to submit to the Association proposals for the improvement of its activities;
     receive information about the activities of the Association, its branches and bodies.
     apply to the Association and its bodies with statements and complaints regarding the infringement of the rights of a member of the Association;
     enjoy professional and social protection of the Association and its bodies;
    Use scientific and methodological developments, textbooks, computer programs and other materials available in the library of the Association;
     resigning from the Association.
  6. Association members must:
     comply with the charter of the Association;
     regularly pay membership fees in the manner and amount established by the Association Council;
     participate in the activities of the Association;
     implement the decisions of the governing bodies of the Association;
     participate in the general meetings of the Association.
    To fulfil their obligations.
  7. Exclusion from the members of the Association is possible:
    On the basis of a personal application for withdrawal;
     on the basis of the decision of the Council to expel this member from the Association.